Quality products for the discerning taxidermist.


From an early age, I have been intrigued with and engaged in woodcraft. Turning wood on a lathe was the beginning of a lifelong passion and artistic outlet that has transformed so many pieces of wood into unique creations. I was fortunate enough to win numerous regional and state awards for exceptional woodworking throughout my youth; and in 1991 at the age of sixteen, I was the recipient of the prestigious Golden Bear Award (Best of Show) for the state of California.

For over twenty-five years, I have been involved in creating, crafting, and reflecting upon various projects. From the smallest of curios, to the grandest of game rooms, attention to detail is at the forefront. This, along with a passion for woodworking itself, has given McGrath Woodworks a unique style with traditional old world craftsmanship.

McGrath Woodworks opened in 2001 with the goal of providing the discerning customer with superior service and a commitment to quality that was not being provided in the industry. Our clients can feel confident that every detail is given the utmost care and personal attention. From home and office decor, to pedestals and full body bases, the quality of craftsmanship and extra time devoted to each customer’s project shines through.

Kevin McGrath